Not one but TWO articles regarding software defined radios

Just in time for the Shmoocon Wireless CTF I found a two links today while on Twitter discussing software defined radios (SDR). One has videos from this year’s GNU Radio conference and the other is another a SDR framework and IDE released from NSA which is also related to software defined radios and spectrum analysis. Both GNU Radio and REDHAWK look to have much the same functionality in that it will let you build a simulated transmitter and receiver all in software to allow for rapid prototyping.

* GNU Radio conference videos:
* NSA’s REDHAWK SDR Framework and IDE:


MSF v5.0 Released

Rapid7 just release v5.0 of their (in)famous Metasploit Framework. Here’s a summary of what’s new in the new release:

* Database and automation APIs – PostgreSQL database now has a RESTful API and can support multiple concurrent msfconsole connections
* Evasion modules and libraries – Adds additional PSP evasion techniques
* Usability improvements and exploitation at scale – Any module can now target multiple hosts

You can read all about what’s in the new release here:

NetworkMiner 2.4 released

NETRESEC just announced a milestone release of the popular network analysis tool called NetworkMiner. Here’s a short list of the new features:

* MAC Age – Tells you approximate age of the device according the it’s hardware MAC address
* Kerberos v5 support – Can be used to to extract usernames, hostnames and realms (domains) from unencrypted Kerberos requests/responses on port 88 or over HTTP and SMB if they are using Kerberos for authentication
* ICS Asset Inventory – They’ve developed fingerprinting techniques for Industrial Control System hardware

For a full list of the features click on the link below for a full list of improvements and features: