New release of Responder supports being a rouge WinRM server

Everyone’s favorite MitM tool for exploiting Windows network just got updated so it can act as a rogue Windows Remote Management (WinRM) to capture admin network credentials. The latest and greatest version now has these features:

    1. Built-in WinRM Auth server (new!)
    2. Built-in SMB Auth server.
    3. Built-in MSSQL Auth server.
    4. Built-in HTTP Auth server.
    5. Built-in HTTPS Auth server.
    6. Built-in LDAP Auth server.
    7. Built-in DCE-RPC Auth server.
    8. Built-in FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP Auth servers.
    9. Built-in DNS server.
    10. Built-in WPAD Proxy Server.
    11. Browser Listener
    12. Fingerprinting
    13. ICMP Redirect
    14. Rogue DHCP


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