Ncap 1.30 Officially Released

The Nmap Project is pleased to release Npcap Version 1.30 at We hope Nmap and Wireshark users will be especially
happy with the raw WiFi improvements, since you tend to be particularly
savvy about low-level network inspection. It turns out that some of the
issues we thought were caused by lower level hardware drivers were actually
bugs in our driver. Oops! But at least that means we can fix them
ourselves, and we did. This release also includes substantial performance
improvements, especially for applications which repeatedly call
pcap_findalldevs(). That has been a sore point in the past, so Dan Miller
went in and restructured the whole system for better performance. Wireshark
starts up noticeably faster. Memory allocations were also optimized by
replacing GlobalAlloc() calls with the modern HeapAlloc() system. You can
read about all the improvements in this and previous Npcap releases at


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