Article: APC UPS zero-day bugs can remotely burn out devices, disable power

h0w1tzr’s Commentary: In reality this type of exploit would be difficult to use without first compromising the host that the UPS was attached to which is usually connected via USB however there are some newer models of APC UPSes that are Smart-UPS product line that have the ability to connect the UPS directly to the network so that it can use “SmartConnect” feature that uses the Cloud to manage and report power, as well as send alerts. A quick look on GitHub shows a LOT of documentation in Russian.

A set of three critical zero-day vulnerabilities [CVE-2022-22805, CVE-2022-22806, and CVE-2022-0715] now tracked as TLStorm could let hackers take control of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices from APC, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric.

The flaws affect APC Smart-UPS systems that are popular in a variety of activity sectors, including governmental, healthcare, industrial, IT, and retail.

UPS devices act as emergency power backup solutions and are present in mission-critical environments such as data centers, industrial facilities, hospitals.


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